IT Program/Project Management

Optimize your processes and resources to execute projects that achieve their goals within their set time and under budget

Any project and especially IT projects are typically very difficult to manage for many reasons including a large number of resources and tools needed, determining the right expectations and priorities, timeline management, budgeting, team members’ motivation, etc. If these factors are not well optimised, you will be left with a directionless project burning through resources with no end in sight. This is where Praxtion comes in.

We can provide support during IT project development, offering technical expertise and management, requirements gathering, third-party testing and implementation support.

Our PM services go beyond IT or digital projects. We also have frameworks to cater to regular business projects. We help businesses by setting project expectations and process standards in line with industry best practices. This helps create a broader understanding of the project lifecycle and clearly defines responsibilities and roles within your organization for that particular project.

Throughout the implementation of your project, our project managers will help your business towards success during every phase.

Risk Management

Analyze, mitigate, and control your risk exposure to prevent your organization from being susceptible to unforeseen and preventable circumstances.

Every business is faced with the possibility of an unforeseen event that could impede one aspect of its operation or cause an implosion of the entire business. This is basically what risk is and it is the primary cause of uncertainty in an organization.

Risk management is the process of identifying and assessing the probability and impact of said unforeseen events. This allows an organizaion to monitor, mitigate, and control the risk factors. This also helps organizations recognize previously unseen opportunities.

At Praxtion, our risk management specialists can help your organization explore its related risk factors. We analyze risk from a practical perspective and make use of the latest technologies to help organizations deliver consistent, efficient, and tailored risk management frameworks/solutions.


Upskill your employees to remain relevant and valuable in a future disrupted by digital technology.

Employees are the backbone of your business’ success, making their knowledge and abilities essential for organizational progress. With the rise of digital technologies, there has been a shift in what skills are required to be productive in current-day workspaces. Our upskilling programs ensure that your employees remain at the peak of their respective fields. 

The curriculum and delivery of Praxtion’s training programs are geared towards improving employees’ proficiencies, organizational resilience and sustainable success in the digital age.