Cyber Security Services Security Architecture Review

Invest in your organization’s security architecture with an extensive security configuration and architectural assessment.

A security architecture review is a holistic assessment and evaluation of the various security layers of your organization including people, networks, applications, data flows, and processes. It is used to assess the effectiveness of your technical and operational security features to identify risks and provide recommendations to improve your security posture.

Most organizations rely on technology to meet their internal and external needs and objectives. As an organization evolves, so does the technology it relies on. This means a measure of security is required to protect its systems and vital assets against cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and ever-evolving malware.

With Praxtion’s security architecture review, your systems remain fully protected and your security configurations are consistently robust and updated to combat improving malware and cyber attacks.

Third-Party/Vendor Risk Management

Minimize the risk of business-disrupting attacks that originate from your vendor, supply chain, or partner. 

Most organizations have mutually beneficial relationships with external parties to provide their goods and services. These relationships can be extremely beneficial but they also introduce risk to your cybersecurity posture when there is a need to share data and/or maintain a level of interconnectedness between both parties. 

A third-party/Vendor risk management program helps mitigate the risks associated with exposure to external parties and vendors by ensuring cyber due diligence is performed before onboarding third parties. We also create articulations-specific cybersecurity controls to protect data and networks, ensure appropriate cybersecurity language is included in contractor agreements, help third parties follow industry best practices, and ensure periodic assessments of 3rd party providers are performed.

Incident Response Management

Respond effectively to any cyber incident, regardless of size or complexity. 

Cybersecurity Incidents are a common occurrence in today’s security landscape and while it is impossible to predict the next incident, it is very important to develop a response strategy. This is to eliminate or reduce the risk and cost of an incident to an acceptable level. All businesses that operate online and/or use technology are at risk of being targeted by threat actors.

To prevent you from being a cybersecurity incident victim, we will work with you to create an incident response plan that helps your business assess its threat exposure and develop customized solutions to respond in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

We utilize our proven methodology and battle-tested tools developed from our real-world experience investigating thousands of incidents; to help you understand the nature of an attack and then quickly contain, remediate and eradicate it.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Diagnose your organization’s specific cyber risks, understand the potential harm they pose, and formulate countermeasures to mitigate and combat them. 

Cybersecurity continues to be the number one risk factor facing senior executives today. With the growing number of cyber breaches coupled with the shrinking cyber talent pool – organizations need to improve their risk management processes. 

Praxtion provides advisory to any organization type (financial services, government, telecoms, retailers, healthcare providers, etc.) that can’t afford to fall to cyber threats and attacks. We assist organizations protect their employees, offices, systems, revenue, and, intellectual property, by identifying security threats and minimizing the risks that present-day organisations face. 

We bring the following world-class risk management solutions to organizations:

  • Risk & Maturity Assessment
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Table Top Exercises (TTX)
  • Threat Intelligence & Threat Modeling
  • Deep/Dark Web assessment

TableTop Exercise

Strengthen your organization’s defences by roleplaying your response to possible attack scenarios. 

Every day, cybersecurity threats are becoming more complex and efficient in challenging the security of an organization and its network. This is why organizations need innovative cybersecurity solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities to these malicious attacks.

Proper risk management plans to protect your organization from potential cyber threats are now considered best practices. However, it loses all value if suitable cyber defenses are not mounted in the face of a real-time crisis. 

TableTop exercises are a type of cybersecurity awareness training used to evaluate your organization’s incident response plan. The primary goal is to observe how your organization would respond to a real-time security breach via simulated cyber-attack scenarios based on real-life cases. Through the exercise, we can determine the strengths and gaps in your defenses and integrate needed changes to improve the readiness of your organization and its network for future attacks.

Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Identify the gaps and threats within your networks before the hackers do. 

No network or technology is 100% airtight. By nature, some likely bugs and errors exist within the building blocks of our systems. In most cases, they are inconvenient but harmless. In some cases, they are major security risks that could cripple an entire organization if exploited. Cybercriminals are always searching for such security gaps to exploit. They look for vulnerable entry points to access your organization’s sensitive data.

With vulnerability management, we can pinpoint and fix the bugs and gaps within your systems before cybercriminals can exploit them. These security threats are detected through penetration testing where we use real-life attack scenarios to expose the internal and external security vulnerabilities within your systems and networks. It simulates real-life attacks and gives a realistic view of your level of exposure to cybercrime.

Our vulnerability management and penetration testing provide your organization with a snapshot of its security posture and exposure to cyber-attacks. Performing routine testing helps identify issues early, enabling you to prioritize your remediation and continually improve your security posture. Our experts always work with organizations to identify and also support remediation. With extensive vulnerability management, your systems and sensitive data will be well protected against unauthorized entry and data breaches.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Train your workforce on how to safely navigate cyberspaces and avoid evolving security threats. 

Having the best cybersecurity procedures in place to protect your systems have very little value if your employees are left vulnerable to cyber threats and social engineering. More than 70% of targeted cyberattacks start with phishing and other social engineering tactics. This trend is rapidly growing with the rise of AI and more advanced online fraud schemes.

We offer customized cybersecurity awareness training and exercises. This training program caters to the industry-specific threats and vulnerabilities you and your employees face. It aims to teach them the best personal cybersecurity practices for their internet use so that they don’t become the next victim of targeted cyber attacks and remain one step ahead of the attackers in the ever-changing threat landscape.

At the end of the training, your workers should know the following: How to secure a personal computer, workspace, and mobile phone, how to safely navigate the internet, phishing, social engineering practices, password policy, what to do during an attack, etc. 

Customized Technical training

Strengthen your in-house cybersecurity teams by learning from veteran cybersecurity professionals and experts. 

The cybersecurity landscape is always in a state of rapid change. New attack scenarios are executed and defenses are quickly created to combat them. It can be complicated to keep up with all the rapid changes and improvements.

Our customized technical training helps bring your in-house staff up to date on all they need to know to properly protect your organization, its assets, and networks from current cyber threats. We have designed our training programs to effectively function within any organization type, size, and industry.

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