Multinational Software As A Service (Saas) Company Breach – Privileged Matter

A global SaaS company experienced a breach that originated from a third party/vendors
networks overseas. Due to a combination of a lack of adequate cybersecurity controls,
poor network segmentation, misconfigured Security Event, and Incident Management
(SEIM) and lack of adequate cybersecurity incident response planning. The attackers
were able to access critical data to include US Gov personnel information which required
the company report findings to various government agencies.

  • The team was brought in by outside counsel to assist as a technical expert and 3rd party assessor.
  • The team held a kickoff meeting with all stakeholders including but not limited to internal and outside counsel, client leadership, client technical representatives, Incident response and threat hunting teams. The purpose of the meeting was to agree on the project scope. Rules of Engagement (ROE) and reporting requirements.
  • The team requested and reviewed relevant incident and threat hunting reports, client cybersecurity architecture documentation, diagrams, third party vendor agreements,
  • The team conducted interviews with individual stakeholders in the presence of counsel.
  • The team performed detailed analysis of clients 24-month cybersecurity roadmap, employee manuals and training programs as well as performed cybersecurity capability assessments at the direction of counsel.
  • The team presented its findings to counsel and provided technical recommendations to the client
  • The team provided Office of General Counsel (OGC) with technical expert opinion

The team helped the client remediate the findings associated with the breach and implement appropriate preventative cybersecurity controls.

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